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Hot and hygienic or eco cool – which dishwasher temperature for which purpose?

If your dishwasher doesn’t have an automatic setting – or if its automatic programme isn’t providing the desired results – you need to know how to choose the correct programme manually. Read on to find out the right dishwasher temperature and the best Somat dishwasher detergent for everything from lightly soiled dishes and delicate glasses to burnt pots and extremely dirty oven ware. 

How does the automatic programme select the right dishwasher temperature?

Many newer dishwashers offer an automatic programme that sets the best dishwasher temperature according to the type of dishes and depending on how dirty they are. Sensors detect the amount of dirt in the runoff water and signal a need for higher temperatures or more water until the rinse runs clear.

Which dishwasher temperature has the lowest consumption?

Consult your dishwasher manual to check the water and energy consumption of specific wash cycles for your model. In general, the eco programme should offer both low water and energy consumption. However, it is possible that a shorter, cool programme uses less power or that a longer programme requires less water. Most dishwashers have an eco programme. When using a powerful dishwasher detergent like Somat, washing dishes at 40° C is sufficient for cleaning most dishes.

The right dishwasher temperature for dirty items

If the eco programme isn’t powerful enough to clean your dirtiest dishes, burnt pots and greasy oven dishes, it’s better to choose a higher dishwasher temperature and get clean results in one wash, rather than having to run an additional cycle when you aren’t satisfied with the results of the eco programme. Other cases where a higher dishwasher temperature may be required include items that need to be disinfected and if you are cleaning your dishwasher with Somat intense machine cleaner (recommended once a month). If your dishwasher has a “heavy duty”, “intensive” or “pots and pans” setting, this will be the one to select for a higher temperature. 

The right dishwasher temperature for delicate items

On the other end of the scale, delicate dishes, wine glasses and other fragile glassware is best washed at a low dishwasher temperature. First of all, these items are less likely to be heavily soiled, so they don’t need to be washed quite as hot. Secondly, the heat – or rather a rapid change in dishwasher temperature – can also damage glass and fragile dishes. Delicate programmes wash the load at a low dishwasher temperature (even lower than the eco programme), followed by a warmer rinse. 

The right dishwasher detergent at any temperature

As a rule of thumb, the more powerful your dishwasher detergent, the more effective it will be at a lower temperature. Milder detergents may require a higher temperature. The strongest cleaners, like Somat, can deliver excellent results, even if you choose a low temperature or eco setting.

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