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The revolution: Somat Excellence 4in1 Caps

Somat New Revolution

The new generation Somat Excellence 4in1 capsule for Efficient Cleaning even in Eco Friendly Cycles, giving your dishes superior clean and excellence shine.

Somat Excellence 4 in 1 dish detergent capsules contain a multi functional dishwashing detergent made of a powder, combined with 3 unique solid gel chambers in a bio degradable water soluble film. The unique German Gel Technology leaves no residue or dried on water spots, meaning there is no need for polishing after the dishwasher cycle is done. Instead, enjoy brilliant shine and sparkle, straight from the dishwasher to the table. With a powerful formula that acts against stubborn burnt in stains, Somat Excellence dishwasher detergent tablets are suitable for all dishwasher safe plates, glasses, mugs, bottles, pots, plastics and pans.

Superior Clean & Excellent Shine even in Eco Cycles

With Somat, you can easily switch to Eco Cycles to reduce your water and energy consumption and still obtain excellent cleaning results.

1 pouch with 4 actions

Deep cleaning against stubborn strains

Brilliant Shine

Protects Delicate Dishes

Care for Your Dishwasher

How to use Somat Excellence 4in1 Caps

1. Load your dishwasher

2. No need to unwrap the water-soluble cover

3. Put cap in dosing chamber of dishwasher

4. Start program as usual

For a cleaner world

Recyclable box and lid*

Box made of 50% recycled plastic

Biodegradable film. 100% watersoluble film

Our plant operates with 100% renewable electricity

Our production has zero waste to landfill

*Cardboard wrap had to be removed from the box

Somat Excellence Duo Power Gel

Our No.1 Gel performance
This multifunctional liquid dishwasher detergent combines two complementing formulas to act against stubborn stains and dirt.

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