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Somat Gold 2in1 Caps

Somat Gold 2 in 1 Gel Capsule

Multifunctional dishwashing gel and powder caps with active formula act against greasy stains.

This unique German Gel Technology has an active formula that provides a brilliant shine while the powder acts against greasy stains. The dish cleaner dissolves quickly without leaving unwanted residue and gives glasses a sparkling clean shine after every dishwashing cycle. The formula is effective in short cycles as well as eco cycles, so switch the cycles and save up water and energy using Somat Gold capsules. The dishwasher detergent is easy to use with no mess, simply place the capsule directly in the dosing chamber, no need to unwrap.

Capsule is safe to use on all dishwasher safe plates, glasses, mugs, bottles, silverware, cutlery, pots and pans. The special Somat Gold 2in1 caps will leave your dishes and glasses sparkling and brilliant clean after every dishwashing cycle.

2 in 1 actions

Efficient cleaning against greasy stains

Brilliant shine

How to use Somat Gold 2in1 Caps

1. Load your dishwasher

2. No need to unwrap the water-soluble cover

3. Put cap in dosing chamber of dishwasher

4. Start program as usual

For a cleaner world

Biodegradable and 100% watersoluble film

Our plant operates with 100% renewable electricity

Our production has zero waste to landfill

Somat Gold Power Gel

Multifunctional liquid dishwasher detergent with active fast dissolving formula

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