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A new era has begun

In 1962, Henkel introduced Somat, the first detergent in Germany to be specially designed for dishwashers. At the time, washing dishes was mostly still hard work: electrical household appliances were not widespread, and a dishwasher was considered an unaffordable luxury.

Revolution: Somat tablets

In 1989, Somat once again demonstrated its flair for innovation, becoming the first brand to launch dishwasher detergent in tablet form. What at the time was a revolutionary detergent form quickly became the market standard. Today as many as 4 out of 5 consumers use tablets in their dishwashers. With these tablets, Somat lastingly changed the landscape for dishwasher detergents.

Sensation: Somat 2 in 1

Somat 2in1 became the first detergent in the world to include a second phase with an integrated rinse aid ball.

The addition of a rinse aid thus becomes superfluous, which has since made dosing easier for millions of housewives and husbands. 

Multifunctional Gel

Somat introduced Somat Perfect Gel. The dishwasher gel dissolves quickly and cleans immediately, actively, and powerfully.

New innovations

Somat launched Somat Multi Gel tablets – innovatively dosed tablets for a shining dishwashingresult.
Somat Gold - the strongest Somat ever to conquer the household. The innovative extra power against starch reliably removes dried-on starch residues.

New dimensions

100% performance – 0% phosphate
Naturally powerful: Since April, Somat has been producing all of its detergents without phosphates. The Somat phosphate-free detergents offer the best Somat performance, free from phosphates and thus kind to the environment.

Somat machine cleaner
For a perfectly clean and serviceable dishwasher! Where a time-consuming empty wash cycle used to be required, Somat developed the first machine cleaner that is used while the dishwasher is fully loaded. This not only saves time, but also energy & water.