Somat All in 1 Extra

Product details

With Somat All in 1 Extra dishwasher detergent tabs you experience strong and effective cleaning power. The fast and powerful acting  Somat All in 1 Extra formula cuts through the toughest encrusted stains but also tea and coffee stains. The formula dissolves fast and acts immediately. 

Somat All in 1 Extra dishwashing tabs are safe to use on all dishwasher-safe plates, glasses, mugs, bottles, silverware, cutlery, pots and pans. The dishwasher tabs leave no unwated residue. The special Somat All in 1 Extra tabs will leave your dishes and glasses sparkling brilliantly clean after every dishwashing cycle.


Load you dishwasher

Remove the recyclable plastic packaging

Place it in the chamber

Run the loaded dishwasher

For perfect dishwashing results

Instant action

Stainless steel shine

Odour neutraliser

Glass protection

Machine care

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