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Somat Rinser + Drying Booster

Product details

Somat Rinser + Drying Booster provides shine for dishes with a drying effect; no need to dry or shine the dishes anymore. This rinse aid dishwasher solution has limescale protection and anti-water spot action for effortlessly clear and clean dishes and glasses; the drying booster also works well with plastic. The bottle is designed with an angled spout for precise dosing.

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How to use:

  1. Load your dishwasher as usual
  2. Fill the rinse aid into the dishwasher's reservoir when required
  3. Start the wash cycle with the desired cycle

For a perfect washing result

Extra Shine

Extra-dry even on plastic

Glass protection

Anti-Water Spots

For a cleaner world

100% recyclable bottle

Our plant operates with 100% renewable electricity

Our production has zero waste to landfill

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