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Pre-sort your dishes for the best possible washing-up results. Preferably in this order: glass, porcelain, cutlery, cookware.

For easy washing up, soak any saucepans with dried food remains in water with a couple of drops of Pril.

Wipe away any remaining food like spinach and kale with kitchen paper; this will save you having to change your rinsing water too often.

Run the warm water and add a little Pril according to the product instructions, although the right amount will depend on how hard your water is. Too much foam may negatively affect the drying process.

Wash your glasses, cups and cutlery first and the more heavily soiled items afterwards. Wash your pots and pans last to make the most of your washing-up water.

To achieve the best and most hygienic dishwashing results, you should replace sponges and dishcloths regularly, and wash tea towels ideally at 60° C. For best results, clean washing-up brushes in the dishwasher.

You can use Pril on all sorts of materials for washing up. Regardless of whether it is glass, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel or silver – Pril will always give you a sparkling result and will protect even your most precious dinnerware.

But Pril's uses do not end there. It can also be used on kitchen devices, washable surfaces, glass, windows or for fat stains on clothing. As you can see, there are almost no limits to Pril's usefulness. What do you use Pril for?

Pril ensures that your dishes are cleaned hygienically. Other washing-up liquids with antibacterial properties are not necessary, either from a health or an environmental point of view.

Plunging the rinsed dishes into a basin of hot water containing a few drops of Pril will completely free them of any food remnants.

All the surfactants that we use are gentle on the environment and quickly biodegradable (according to OECD Test 301). The material from which the bottle is made (PET) is recyclable and is itself made up of 25% recycled material.

Pull the dispenser upwards to open it. Drop a few drops of Pril into your washing-up water; you can do this best by slightly tilting the bottle. After use, you can close the dispenser again by simply pushing it back down.

One more thing: the Pril dispenser can be turned in all directions, which makes it suitable for both right- and left-handed people.

Did you know that a great deal of development work has gone into the design of our dispenser, which has become as much a trademark of Pril as has the unmistakeable Pril bottle?

In general, all Pril washing-up liquids are ideally suited for washing up without gloves.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, we recommend using Pril Sensitive Aloe Vera or Sensitive »zarte Duftessenzen«. Products in our Pril Sensitive range not only wash with increased grease-dissolving power, but also protect and care for your skin thanks to their high-quality, dermatologist-recommended formulas.

If you want to save on elbow grease when doing the washing-up, you can soak any dried food remnants in water with a few drops of Pril. It will make your washing-up process much easier. Try it!

When you use Pril, you will not need to dry your dishes by hand. You will achieve sparkling drying results by standing your dishes up in a space-saving draining rack. Arrange your cutlery in a suitable drainer with all handles pointing downwards. Clean and rinsed dishes will dry effortlessly and hygienically in the air.

Tip: glasses will dry without leaving drip marks if you stand them upside down on a clean tea towel.

Do not wear yourself out with laborious scrubbing using a scouring pad. Leave your dishes or the problem area to soak in water that contains a few drops of Pril. It will make your washing-up process much easier. Try it!