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How much washing up liquid should I use?

Thanks to the durability of the Pur dishwashing liquid, you can wash a large amount of dishes with a small amount of liquid. The use of the right amount of dishwashing liquid prevents it from wasting, and thus - saves money. As a result, the dishes can also be rinsed easily. If you use too much liquid, you have to rinse plates, cups and other utensils with water longer. Because of this, you waste water and time, and if the dishes are not rinsed properly, the rest of the dishwashing liquid will remain on them. This can affect foods and drinks that taste like dishwashing liquid.

The correct dose of dishwashing detergent depends on the product you are using. It also depends on what the fluid is used for. There are many ways to use dishwashing liquid, such as washing your car, getting rid of dirt on appliances, or wiping floors.

However, below are some guidelines for the correct dosage of Pur Fluid when washing dishes by hand.

Pur Secrets of the World and Pur Secrets of Grooming: Proper Dosage

In the case of Pur non-concentrated dishwashing liquid, a standard dose of 5 ml (or 1.5 teaspoons) per 5 liters of water is sufficient.

If you have to deal with stubborn, dried food and stains, use more liquid and soak the dishes for a few minutes. A dose of about 5 ml of liquid to 1 liter of water should be enough to clean the dishes.

Pur: proper dosage

Getting the dose of Pur fluid right when washing dishes is also important. Under normal conditions, approximately 3 ml (or 1 teaspoon) of dishwashing liquid in 5 liters of water will help get rid of dirt and sediment. However, when washing pots, pans or other heavily soiled utensils, you will need extra power. Use about 5 ml (1.5 teaspoons) of liquid per liter of water and soak the dishes for a few minutes to facilitate the cleaning process.

Should bubbles be visible?

Many people mistakenly believe that foam is proof of washing up liquid, so as soon as the bubbles are gone, they add more liquid to the water. In fact, the dishwashing liquid is present in the water long after the physical evidence (beautiful bubbles) has disappeared. In most cases, you can continue washing the dishes without suds present.

Do you know how much fluid to use? Avoid using too much liquid by following the information on the appropriate dosages recommended for your chosen Pril washing up liquid.

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